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XPE460 LED Projector White
Home Projector with Free HDMI
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✮+ 20% LUMENTS THAN BASIC LCD PROJECTOR✮ The Crenova XPE460 is upgraded + 20% lumens and 50% brighter than other ordinary mini projectors,ideal for home entertainment in dark environment but NOT RECOMMEND PPT/business /teaching presentation. Add to you cart now,you will get a cost-effective projector.Don't miss it!
✮IDEAL FOR HOME ENTERTAINMENT✮ You can spend the other night watching Champions league football on white wall which can projects an 80 inch screen at your mate's house, also can enjoy a great deal of sport, Netflix and films on this quite obviously pixelated projector.
✮DECENT IMAGE AND VIDEO DISPLAY✮ This Home Video Projector comes with 16,700 Full Color technology, which provides large and brilliant image in dark environment.The LED lamp life is extended to 30000 hours, so this portable projector is your prime choice.
✮MULTIMEDIA CAPACITY✮ This Portable Projector includes several different inputs (HDMI, VGA, SD and USB ) including an adapter in the box for AV wires (the red, white and yellow -you can play GameCube games on the projector with your family and it was hilarious!).
✮FULL 12-Month WARRANTY✮ This Cinema Projector comes with full 12-month warranty. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any question with this projector, we will do our best to provide Professional Customer Service for you.

Product Description

Crenova XPE460 LED Upgraded Mini Projector 

The Crenova mini projector can meet your needs and is mainly used for home and outdoor entertainments. 
Add to you cart now, you will get a cost-effective projector.Don't miss it!

1. Enhanced LED Light Technology 

* 50% Brighter than ordinary LED 
*For LCD projectors, the most important part is the LED light inside. 
*This XPE460 mini projector adopted the lasted upgraded LED technology, provides more brightness than ordinary LED projector with 1000 Lumens. In dark room you will enjoy sharp image. 

2.Large Screen Experience – Relax your eyes from TV 
*It supports projection size from 37 to 130 inches, and the best projection distance is about 2m with projection size 80 inches. 
*You may enjoy large screen while protecting your eyes. 

3. Keystone Function 
*We can adjust the image manually with this function, picture proportion is not distortion after adjustment. 
*In case the mini projector is placed in a tilt level, the picture quality will not be affected. 

Warm tips: 
 *1. To connect the mini projector with iPad or smartphone, you will need a wireless HDMI adapter. 
*2. To connect the mini projector with PC/Laptop, please adjust the PC/laptop display resolution to 800*600 or 1024*768, which can provide the best clarity. And choose the"Multiple display"as"Duplicate these displays. 
*3. Please note that it only provides clear image in dark room. 

 *Contrast: 1000:1 
*Aspect Ratio: 16:10 
*Projection Ratio: 1.4:1 
*Native Resolution: 800x480 pixels 
*Supported Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels 
*Keystone: Manual correction ±12° 

*1 x Crenova XPE460 mini Projector 
*1 x Power adapter 
*1 x Remote controller 
*1 x 3 in 1 AV cable 
*1 x HDMI cable 
*1 x User Manual 


- Contrast: 1000:1

- Aspect Ratio: 16:10

- Projection Ratio: 1.4:1

- Native Resolution: 800x480 pixels

- Supported Resolution: 1920x1080 pixels

- Keystone: Manual correction ±12°


1 x Crenova XPE460 mini Projector

1 x Power adapter

1 x Remote controller

1 x 3 in 1 AV cable

1 x HDMI cable

1 x User Manual


Can this projector be visible to audience in a medium litted room for ppt? 

The main problem will be focus. If the center of the screen is in focus the top and bottom won’t be.


What’s the noise like?

1. You don't notice it at all watching films etc, but when there is text on the screen it is a real issue so i would say it inordinately isn't suitable for text based presentations.

2. The projector does however emit a rather loud fan noise, this is mentioned in the Amazon listing, but when connected to sound bar through the AV port or crank up the volume, its fully drowned out by the speaker, it really does not affect the viewing experience.


Can I use this projector on preschool program?

Yes, if you are comfortable with a group of preschoolers in a dark room.


How do I hook up an external speaker? And what type of speaker can I use?

Yes you can hook up an external speaker. There is a jack in the back that looks like a headphones receptor.


What else would i need to buy with this? do i need to be close to a TV? help, I've never had one!

You can use a smart blue-ray player via HDMI(also any console or modern TV box) and can watch DVD/blue-ray and any internet app that my player allows (Netflix, hulu, amazon video, etc.) Can also use any type of USB stick like roku or amazon stick or use a VGA cable to connect to laptop or PC. Also a WiFi adapter can be used to connect tablet and smart phone. Just need to have the right setup for any application really.


Can it be mounted to a ceiling?

It depends on the projector bracket you buy. I purchased a "universal bracket " but had to work out a way to adapt it because there is only 1 predrilled screw hole on the under side of the projector to secure it to a bracket.


How to connect projector with iPad or iPhone/ Android phone with MHL function?

To connect projector with iPad, you will need a WIFI display dongle to connect them, and choose"HDMI"as"input source".

To connect projector with Phone, first of all, please confirm that your phone support MHL(Mobile High-Definition Link) function. Then you will need a WIFI display dongle or a MHL cable to connect phone and projector, and choose"HDMI"as"input source".

Why there is a dark spot in the screen?What I should do?

There may be some dust in the lens, please try to clean the lens lightly with the soft cloth. If the dark spot still exists, please contact amazon to return the product in exchange for a new replacement.


The video plays no sound, even with the external speakers! What’s wrong?

Please follow the steps as below:

1. Please confirm if the projector is not in mute status.

2. Please check if the video file is with Dolby sound effect. Because of Dolby patent, most projectors do not play Dolby sound.

3. Please try a mp3 format file or YouTube video, and see if it plays sound.

This projector supports most video formats, but because of Dolby patent, it doesn't play sound of Dolby audio in USB drive. In this case, you can put the video file in PC, project image from PC via VGA cable and play sound through PC speaker.


Do I need a separate adapter for iphone?

Yes, you will need a MHL cable or a wifi display dongle. A MHL cable is much cheaper, it can connect iPhone with this projector, you may purchase one on Amazon. If you've got a wifi display dongle, you can connect the projector with not only iPhone but also iPad.


Can i show images direct from a usb stick?

Yes. There is a USB port and you simply plug in your memory stick and the images come up the same way as they would in a digital photo frame.


How good is the photo quality? Is it still the same quality when looking up close to the projected image or is it blurry or pix-elated?

The projected image is just like a TV with the same resolution. Just like with a TV, a big screen has bigger pixels than a smaller screen with the same resolution. So, the bigger you project the more noticeable these pixels will be. However you will be pleasantly surprised at how like a big screen TV the image is, in the dark. Take your time focusing it and make sure the projector is level and don't use the keystone adjustment and you should get a perfectly sharp image.

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