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Waterproof Pouch
BP-02 100% Waterproof Dry Bag
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100% Waterproof! 3 zipper locks to seal and a fold over Velcro top, keep your items dry and clean!

Touch Screen Responsive. Soft PVC material enable you use your touch screen smartphone without opening the pouch. Check emails, messages, Facebook and even answer the calls (Yes just test it);

Bigger Space, you could put all your small items like phone, cash, tissue, keys, watch, etc, inside it;

Lightweight and Adjustable and Extra-Long Waist Belt. Wear it around your waist or carry it over your shoulder, it is comfortable for you to take it everywhere;

Made of durable and soft PVC material with a higher density, which not only ensures the waterproof ability but is also durable for your use;

Product Description

With premium quality material and 3 zippers, the Crenova BP-02 Waterproof Bag provides protection on both water and land. Extra-long waist belt and large space allow you take all your items everywhere.

1.100% Waterproof - We use 3 zipper locks to seal and a fold over Velcro top, keep your items dry and clean. High quality PVC material, ensures the bag 100% waterproof and sand-proof. 

2.Bigger than Bigger - Our waterproof pouch has the largest size available on Amazon (8.66*6.00 inches, 10% larger). They stay soft and flexible while holding almost anything you need, cashes, ID, cell phone, car keys, sunscreen, chopstick, tissue, etc. All small items in one pouch and all items are dry and clean. You don’t need worry anything get wet or lost. 
3.Touch Screen Responsive. Soft PVC material enables you use your touch screen smart phone without opening the pouch. Check emails, messages, Facebook and even answer the calls (Yes just test it). 
4.Lightweight with adjustable extra-long belt - You could wear it around your waist or carry it over your shoulder, it is comfortable for you to take it everywhere. 


- Color : Blue 
- Size : 8.66 inch x 6.00 inch 
- Length of Belt : 42 inch

- UPC : 711508298102


1 x Waterproof Pouch


Does an phones 6s Plus fit in this case? Large space this product do?

It is 8.66 inch x 6.00 inch ( L * W ) . It can hold an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, keys, and cash/ID/credit cards.


How long does the Waist Belt?

The belt is adjustable. It can be adjusted from 20” - 50”.


Is it touch screen responsive?

Yes, it is touch screen responsive. You can receive calls when your phone is inside the pouch. 


How does this pouch waterproof? Is it really 100% waterproof?

The pouch is made out of material that doesn't allow water to enter it. And as long as you seal the three zipper closures properly make sure there is no sand or debris in between and keep them rolled in the Velcro strip, it will be 100% waterproof.


Is this a ziplock type of seal?

Yes, there are three ziplock closures and then it folds over and secures with Velcro.


Can I wear this on me while swimming in the ocean? I don't want to leave my stuff unattended on the beach.

Yes, I wore it while I was swimming in the ocean, and it worked very well. Just be sure that those zip locks are sealed tight to keep the water out. I had my phone, wallet and car keys in it, and they were kept dry.


Can you use this scuba diving? How much feet is it able to submerge into?

We’d feel pretty confident scuba diving with it. It worked very well 10-15 ft deep when we did dive down a bit. We were in the water for an hour or more, as well, and it didn't leak a bit!

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