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Vacuum Sealer
[Upgraded] Vacuum Sealer, Crenova VS100S Food Save Vacuum Sealing System, Seal Indicator Lights+10 PCS Vacuum Sealer Bags
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Amazon UPC: 612590712050

1. Upgraded version VS100s, we have combined the old pulse function in the button"vac/seal&cancel". Press the button once, the machine start to vacuum, and press twice, it cancel the vacuum process and pulse.
2. Also we have added a new "wet" function, based on our history customers' suggestion.
Now this food sealer is ideal for sealing all types of meat, seafood, fruits, marinated food and vegetables to achieve air tight seal without failure.
3. [AUTOMATIC OPERATION] Simple one-touch vacuum-to-seal operation helps to finish the job in seconds! CANCEL button is designed for crispy or soft food, to stop the appliance and to avoid food crushing due to over-compression.
4. [FULL SET STARTER KIT] 5 Small Vacuum Bags(8” x 12”), 5 Large Vacuum Bags(11” x 16”), 1 Vacuum Roll(8” x 80”), and 1 Vacuum Pipe which is for jar and bottle sealers etc. The Free accessories enable you to use the sealer right away.
5. [12-MONTH WARRANTY& FURTHER SERVICE] Manufacturer's One-year Warranty + Lifetime Support + 24/7 Online Email Service. For any further problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. Free replacement/refund and professional technical support are always available.

Product Description

Crenova VS100 Vacuum Sealer is incredible useful in your kitchen. If you don't have enough storage space in freezer or fridge or maybe you want to keep your leftovers last much longer, this is extract what you want to have. This machine helps you keep your food flavor and reduce food waste.


- 3mm extra-wide sealing strip creates air-tight seal

- Indicator Lights for quick troubleshooting

- Supported 2-in-1 function combined with vacuuming and sealing

- Each function (vacuuming or sealing) can be operated separately

- Instant manual pulse operation is incredible useful for specific kinds of food during vacuuming process

- Refined design suits for your kitchen


1 x Vacuum Sealer

5 x 22*30cm Heat-Sealed Bags

5 x 22*10cm Heat-Sealed Bags

1 x User Manual


Can you seal bags with liquid in them?

Yes, you can seal the bags as long as the seal is dry. when liquid   begins to climb the pouch, press Seal Only to trigger the seal before the   moisture reaches the chamber. If liquid gets onto the chamber, absorb it from   the well with paper towels, wipe the well clean with mild soapy water, and dry completely before using again or storing.    

Does it works with both, Plain and Structured   (corrugated) bags?

Yes, I believe so. I use Ziploc bags made for their vacuum sealer and they work just fine and cheaper also. I had a different sealer until it died and now use the Crenova sealer (I really like it also) so they along with other bags will work ok I believe.     

Can i use a 10" x 11" bag?

A 10 inch wide bag will be fine.This is a great product. Make sure you snap both sides shut after you place the bag inside the sealer.     

Can i hit the seal button when sealing liquids?

I've been using one of these things for ten years. With anything liquid or liquid in it (e.g. raw hamburger, fresh fish, etc.) if the liquid gets sucked under the heating element, which it will, the bag will not seal properly. What I do is freeze the liquidy foods first in plastic containers or wrapped in plastic; and after frozen, then transfer to the sealing bags making sure that the area of the the bag where the heater contacts the bag is dry. I found some lost soup in the freezer two years after its having been sealed this way, and it was still perfectly good. Also, some processed foods, such as luncheon meats (can't be frozen), have a lot of water in them. I fold up a paper towel and stuff it between the food and the sealer then seal it. There are quite a few other tricks.

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