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Garden Hose Spray Gun
High Pressure Spary Nozzle for Car Washing /Plant Watering /Deck or Sidewalk Cleaning
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100% Metal and Brass Head, Durable and Powerful.

High Pressure Spray Nozzle with standard GHT 170 - 250 psi from an input of 40 - 100 psi.

One-Piece Design and a Rubber Hose Washer provides a durable and tight seal to eliminate leak.

Consistent water flow in all positions and directions.

Flexible and adjustable water flow from fine mist, moderate spray to jet stream.

Product Description

Thanks to its heavy duty metal, the Spray Nozzle is durable and leak-free. And yet it also gets a comfortable design for handhold due to its non-slip rubber components. With flexible and adjustable water flow from fine mist to jet stream, it is perfect for plants watering, yard cleaning and car washing.


- Product Name : Metal Hose Nozzle
- Main Material : Metal, Brass
- Nozzle Sprayer Size (Approx.) : 12.5 x 4 x 16cm (L*W*T) 
- Thread Diameter : 3/4 inch


1 x Metal Spray Nozzle 

1 x Brass Quick Connector

1 x Rubber Hose Washer


Is the squeeze handle metal or some form of plastic? All nozzles I have owned with plastic handles have failed at the plastic in the AZ sun.

Metal. The nozzle is well made.


What is the diameter in the O-ring end?

The diameter in the O-ring end(female end/end the hose screws in or connects to) is 1 inch. 


Is this nozzle powerful enough to remove weeds in between bricks and removing surface mold from bricks?

Your outlet pressure must be pretty high to achieve this. The nozzle provides a decent stream, but with our water supply pressure, you are unable to get your desired level of cleaning. 

Will releasing the trigger/handle stop the flow of water? Does the handle let you vary the volume of water?

Yes, it will stop the flow of water. It is not adjustable to the light shower level. The low flow setting only causes the spray pattern to become a large 360* fan.


How far will this nozzle spray with a strong spray?

About like most spray nozzles. It depends on pressure and volume. It is adjustable from mist to stream. About 20 ft at min dam spray and with water pressure of ~45 psi.


Can ths nozzle connect to a standard garden hose directly, without using the adapters?

Yes. You just have to remove (unscrew) the attached 'quick-connect' piece that comes with the unit. The nozzle will then connect directly to your hose. 


Where do I get the other end that attaches to the hose that fits this model for the quick connect?

f you want to use the quick-connect adapter included with the Crenova nozzle, we recommend the Gardena 39018 connector at the male end of your garden hose. The connector type is compatible with the Crenova's adapter, it appears well made, and it has a welcome water-stop feature (shuts off flow when disconnected). Available from Amazon (

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