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Game and Trail Camera
1080P HD Waterproof Game and Trail Hunting Camera
Bullet Point

Powerful 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor, supports 12 Megapixel resolution in a brilliant color Imaging display, plus 1080P HD video superiority with a great Audio quality.


Easy to setup for smooth and hassle free operations; Automatic IR Filter function and built-in 42 pcs LED night vision lights up to 20 meters away.


Responsive and Sensitive two PIR sensors, Let this sensor detect movements in early time before the camera shot and record it within the center of the capturable area, up to 120-degree angle.


Its supports Multi-shot, Intervals, Time-Lapse, Timer, Password protection, Timestamp, Serial No, Alarm and Low power notification.


Durable Electronics parts to sustain longer life span, powered by 8 AA Batteries.

Product Description

The crenova trail hunting camera is simple but reliable, one of a User-Friendly device. With an expandable memory ability up to 32GB SDHC card for you to store more videos and images. The amazing features to enhance your capturing quality like Time lapse, Redux Anti-Blur, Exposure adjustments, Night Vision technology will assure you to get the best and brilliant results of capturing and hunting activity, plus it has 16:9 aspect ratio for the proper enhancement of the video imaging system display.


- 5 Megapixel(2592x1944) Sensor

- 12 Megapixel (Interpolation) Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080p @15fps 1280 x 720p @30fps (Default)

- 848 x 480 @30fps 640 x 480p @30fps

- Built-in 42pcs LED for a 20meter night time vision

- System startup time: Approximately 1 second

- 2.4'' TFT-LCD colored monitor

- Full automatic IR filter

- Two PIR design for sensing angle maximum 120 degree

- 40degree (central sensor zone)

- 30degree (lateral sensor zones)

- Up Battery will last up to 6 months standby time

- Supports SD/SDHC memory card up to 32GB

- Multi-shot, Interval, Time-lapse, Timer, Password protection, Timing photos

- Alarm at low battery power

- USB 2.0 and TV-OUT Connection

- Waterproof standard IP54


1 x Trail Camera

1 x User Manual

1 x USB Cable

1 x AV Cable


Can you use an AC adaptor or a solar panel?  

You can use a 6V DC adapter or solar panel with 3.5x1.5mm coax DC power plug with tip set to positive. You still have to leave batteries in the camera, but it will run off wall power.   


What type and how many batteries does it use? what is the battery life?    

Answer:Four and Eight Double A batteries are required. There are several factors that determine battery life. It depends how you set the video/still settings, how often and how long you have the camera set up to take videos, and other factors. We have the camera set to take 15 second videos every minute. The batteries are lasting about 2 months.        

 Does this camera have any lights glowing on it where a person walking by it would see it.

There is no lights during day time. It uses an infrared glow during night. It doesn't flash brightly like a camera, but it clicks on when taking a video or picture. A human subject would likely notice the moderate red glow unless you are looking right at it when triggered, but animals the deer and elk do not see it. The result is a black and white photo.


At what frequency does the camera do time lapse photos? I want a camera that can take pics every 10 min over 3-4 week period, w/ breaks at night.

You can set the time lapse interval from 1 second to 60 minutes. You can program the time range to take photos (for example 0630 to 1830).


Can the box be locked shut to prevent an unauthorized person?   

There is a place for a lock to lock it closed, it can be strapped or cabled or both to a tree. It does also have password protection. You can set a 4 character questions consisting of numbers and/or letters in the menu.

 How does this camera hook up to the tree? 

It does come with a strap but there is also a swivel mount you can screw into a tree that allows you aim the camera better.


Can you set this up to take stills and videos when triggered or must you choose one or the other?

You can set it to take stills only (1,2, or 3 shots in sequence), video only, or still(s) followed immediately by video.


Does the Infrared motion detector of the camera working for detecting and taking video of small critters like rats?

I have used it to film rats and hedgehogs. It took me a while to get the right height and distance. At first I was getting pictures of the area but no animals. Make sure there are no moving plants or bushes as they set it off as well.


Does this camera have audio as well? If so, how long is the length of recording? 

Yes. It will record a video with sound. You have the option of 60 seconds for 3, 5, 10 minutes. The number of recordings it can store depends on the size of the SD card you put in it.


Can you view this from your PC without going outside to get the SD card?

No. You have to have the card. There is no wireless option. You can, however, view it on the camera and it does have a zoom feature.


Can ants get in? 

No. It is well sealed against water, so there are no openings for insects as long as you close the snaps.        

How does the camera hold up in cold weather (0-32F)? 

Operation Temperature is -20 - 60°C. However, the batteries die quicker in the cold.


I want to use it on my front porch to capture thieves. Is this good for security purposes? 

Yes, if the person crosses in front of this camera it will take their picture. It will just place it inside a window or up high. That is a perfect idea and set it on video mode.


I had issues with video being black? Can hear audio, but no picture and it takes pictures just fine. 

Please use a high-speed, high quality SDHC memory card. Try the SanDisk Extreme Pro memory card.


When i switch the camera to the on position i get a countdown of 5 seconds and then it goes off?

It does not go off but to work. When you switch it to on position, the LED will blink red for about 5 seconds. This interval allows you leave the monitored area. Then the camera will take photos or videos automatically when it is triggered by the PIR. During use, the LED will not flash when the camera takes an image. This is to help keep the camera hidden from game. 

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