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Fog Machine Mini Smoke Machine
Crenova Fog Machine Mini Smoke Machine DJ Mist Machine Portable
Bullet Point

1. Great Fog Effect: About 2,000 cubic foot per minute

2. 400 watt heavy duty heater, Warm Up Time: 4-5 Minutes

3. Full tank lasts between 1 - 3 hours depending on use

4. Pefect for both ourdoor and indoor use (Equipped with Hose drain)

5. Great for Parties,Clubs,Bar, Wedding,Parade Floats & Stage Performances


1    Q    Does it leave any residue or   mess to clean up?    

A    No, it doesn't leave any mess at all. It only produces fog.    

2    Q    I just tested my machine for first time for about 15 minutes.   Can I leave fog juice in it for 2 months? That is when the event will be and   the machine will be needed.    

A    No, it is suggested to be cleaned each time after using, or the oil tube   might get stuck.    

3    Q    do i have to keep pushing the button to get it to put fog out   or is there a way to have it turn on and off by itself    

A    Yes, there is a remote control for you to do that.     

4    Q    How long do I need to wait the   machine to warm up before I get the fog out?    

A    About 3 minutes.    

5    Q    Does it continuously blow out fog?    

A    Yes, it continuously blow out fog.    

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